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Dake International Ltd, a UK registered company, offers a partnership platform for engineering, procurement and execution (EPC) of various projects applicable to electrical power generation, transmission and distribution sectors.

We specialise in identifying manufacturers whose products and services meet the relevant British or International Standards, insisting on additional specifications on products where product performance may be affected by extreme weather conditions.

We encourage and facilitate technical partnership between indigenous companies with foreign companies enabling it to offer the best technical and management capabilities in the execution of projects in the areas of their competence and interests.

As a partnership consultant,
  • we use our best judgement to evaluate the competence map of parties to establish synergies of skills and experience specific to projects, assist in project appraisal and bid preparation.
  • We also provide help to promote dialogue in a multicultural setting, providing useful tips for dispute resolution, finding common ground for all parties to work harmoniously to achieve project goals.
  • We assist in negotiating fair value for products and services by lowering the premiums for potential risks of inconclusive transactions.

We are proud to have the undertakings of partnerships of the following companies: 
  • Wilson Power solutions Ltd (United Kingdom);
  • W Lucy Switchgears Ltd (United Kingdom);
  • Hyundai Heavy Industries Ltd (Bulgaria);
  • SEM Transformers Ltd (Turkey) and 
  • Brilltech Electrical Engineers PVT (India).

Our ability to initiate and facilitate technical partnerships is without doubt as a result of our honest approach to dealing with the parties and due to our thorough understanding of the local business terrain and the global marketing environment.

Our overall goals are:
  • to pursue business interests that are consistent with the aspirations of the government through the enactment of enabling laws such as the Local Content Act;
  • to avail indigenous companies to technologies and competences on demand and 
  • to promote community involvement, create employment opportunities and achieve technology transfer in key sectors of the developing economies.

Dake International Ltd is managed by a team of well trained Nigerians with various levels of experience in management in the manufacturing and service industries in the United Kingdom.
We strive to add value to projects through the quality of our services without the burden of additional cost to the project.